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A Better Environment... inside and out

Family enjoying time in their Eastforest home.Life is all about the choices we make. And investing in an Eastforest home is one of the BETTER choices you’ll ever make. You’ll know it from the moment you first walk through the front door and you’ll appreciate it every single day for as long as you call it home. Our high standards, quality of materials and understanding of the science of home construction means we build a BETTER house, so well-made that every home is ENERGY STAR® qualified.

Eastforest Homes are Energy Start QualifiedEvery Eastforest home is ENERGY STAR® qualified.

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Building Envelope

How the outer shell of a home is constructed plays a big part in it's energy efficiency. The outer shell of the house, including the foundation, framing, insulation, siding, windows and doors. It’s a protective bubble that shelters us from natural conditions like rain, snow, wind and sun and personal concerns such as safety and security. Being smart about the materials used and how they’re installed is critical to maintain a long-lasting, durable home.

8 Ways that an Eastforest home is a better built home:

  • 1. Energy Saving Insulation

    • 2” x 6” insulated exterior wall construction clad with 1” rigid insulated sheathing to a total value of R-27
    • Basement walls insulated to full wall height with an R-20 insulation blanket
    • Rigid foam insulation between all windows and wall stud openings

    How your Eastforest home is insulated.


  • 2. Better Barriers to Air Leakage

    • Basement ductwork joints are taped to improve furnace efficiency and airflow
    • All exterior walls feature a continuous air barrier that minimizes drafts and enables owners to control the indoor air quality
    • Expanding foam insulation around all windows and exterior doors for an airtight seal
    Eastforest homes are built with better barriers to air leakage.
  • 3. Hard Working Windows

    • Eastforest homes uses ENERGY STAR® qualified double-glazed low E Argon filled vinyl clad windows
    • They help keep heat in your home when its winter and keeps heat out in the summer
    • They reduce condensation and help protect your furniture and interior fabrics from fading
    Eastforest Homes uses ENERGY STAR® double-glazed windows.
  • 4. Upgraded Attic & Overhead Insulation

    • Ceilings insulation to a minimum of R-50 except cathedral and exposed floors
    • R-31 spray foam insulation to exposed floor areas over unheated spaces such as garages and porches
    • Warmer, more comfortable and adequately ventilated
    Eastforest Homes upgraded attic and overhead insulation.
  • 5. Energy Efficient Advantages

    • Energy efficient ENERGY STAR® qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs
    • Programmable thermostat saves you money by lowering the temperature for when you’re away or asleep
    • You can save up to 1200 kilowatt hours in electrical savings per year and reduce green house gas emissions by up to 2-3 tonnes per year
    Eastforest Homes Energy Efficient Advantages
  • 6. HRV System

    • HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) System replaces old air inside with fresh air from outside*
    • Recovers up to 80% of the heat from the old air so you’re not wasting energy
    • Provides clean, fresh air every day while helping to keep energy costs low
    HRV systems on Eastforest homes save money and provide cleaner air.
  • 7. High Efficiency Furnace

    • ENERGY STAR® qualified high-efficiency gas-fired Energy Efficient Brushless DC Furnace motor runs exceptionally quiet and efficient
    • Quieter and more cost efficient to run
    • Safeguards against rising fuel costs
    High efficiency furnaces work more efficiently.
  • 8. Healthier Living Spaces

    • Advanced ventilation systems mean you can breathe easy knowin your family is healthier thanks to superior air quality
    • Vents are sealed during construction, ensuring cleaner air after you move in
    • Sealing holes and cracks in the home’s “envelope” and in duct systems helps reduce drafts, moisture, dust, pollen, and noise
    • Tight seal of building envelope and continuous thermal break makes for a warmer, comfortable home
    • Warmer, usable and healthier basements thanks to added insulation and foundation drainage

    Eastforest homes building standards help provide healthier homes.